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Learn Japanese for free with the Fukuoka Japanese Club. The Fukuoka Japanese Club organizes free Japanese lessons with voluntary teachers every Saturday from 11:00 to 11:55. The lessons will be held at Japanese and Internship School Asahi Nihongo. Teachers and students who are interested in participating on these activities are welcome to join the club at anytime, and can come as often as they want. The main goal is to equip participants with the necessary language skills, so that they can manage real life situations such as shopping, requests, location information or assistance in emergencies. The classes will mainly focus on speaking and reading and is based on the praxis classes are run by Japanese teachers, who provide their services voluntarily to gain teaching experience and want to work in the future as Japanese teachers. They do not get paid for the lessons neither for transportation costs.


Where:         Japanese School Asahi Nihongo
When:           every Saturday 11:00 o’clock
Death line:  every Friday 18:00 o’clock
Age:               from primary school children to adults
Levels:         Beginner to Advanced
Class Size:  1-3 students per class, Therefore,
each participant receives maximum attention.
Learning materials: Copies and all the necessary
course materials for the class will be free.

Additional Offers:

Japanese lessons for special occasions and events, as for example, a picnic under the cherry blossoms, or a cooking class. This is to give the participants the opportunity to test their knowledge of their Japanese skills beyond the classroom and to get to know each other better. The lessons are free, however, there might be entertainment expenses (approximately 500 yen) for additional activities and/or programs.

How to apply for a FREE Japanese Lesson.

Step 1  Go to http://fukuoka-japanese-club.weebly.com/ scroll down and click    "BOOK YOUR LESSON HERE >>>>>"
Step 2  After the schedule with days and times has opened, please enter your name in the box on the left side    
              and click on the days, you want to join our FREE Japanese Language lessons.
Step 3  To check your entries click "Return to schedule"   
              (You can also edit or delete your entries by clicking on the buttons below "Functions")
              Please notice:If you are not on the list, you can not join the lessons.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.
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